• Home Automation

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    Wouldn’t it be great to get a text message the minuet the kids get home from school, letting you know they’re home safe? We can do that!

  • New Construction

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    SecuraCom has been serving the greater LA and Ventura Counties for over 30 years with a strong security background and delivering outstanding

  • Commercial Services

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    SecuraCom is the #1 Rated provider of commercial grade automated-integration and security solutions in Southern California. It is our mission

The SecuraCom Difference

SecuraCom is Southern California’s premier home and commercial automation, security, and improvements company.

We specialize in family and community style service, protecting your homes, businesses, and improving your quality of life with our full range of home automation and security improvements that not only upgrade your home or office but also continue to give you expanding customizable options.

Home automation can be a massive headache, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us take care of all your Automation, Security and Fire Prevention needs! From Voice controlled integration solutions, to corporate security and 24/7 monitoring – WE DO IT ALL!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to turn the jacuzzi on from your cell phone on your way home from the office, so it’s nice and hot for you when you ge home? We can do that!

Be it home security, or the security of your business or other properties, we’re Southern California’s #1 rated option to keep you and your business safe and secure.

ALARMS: Commercial – Residential – Fire – Burglar MONITORING: Closed Circuit TV, Latchkey, Gate View CAMERAS: Remote Viewing, Digital Recovery, Listen In, Nanny

The ELAN Brand Promise Your world, made simple.

Personalized smart home control

ELAN delivers home automation and control to fit your lifestyle, and adapt with it.

Intuitive one-touch convenience

ELAN makes smart home control easy – from entertainment and music to lighting, climate, security and more.

For more Information on our complete line of Elan products and Home Automation package view our PDF Catalog or Contact us directly