Be it home security, or the security of your business or other properties, we’re pro’s!

Burglar Alarms

At SecuraCom we’re happy to provide you with the level of protection and security monitoring you need to feel safe and secure in your home or business. We offer an array of affordable burglar and unauthorized entry alarm systems that are fully programmable to your specifications that are safe from external manipulations. We design and install systems that range from your standard basic monitored system to full blown integration and information systems that track and visually integrate their surrounding into a custom network of security. We pride ourselves with our

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Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are one of the most important products that we install for our clients. Having a fire alarm that is monitored to the Fire Dept. can save a life of a loved one or a loved pet should fire break out or if carbon monoxide reaches a hazardous or deadly level. With fire protection added to your security system, you can have peace of mind knowing that our operators are on watch, 24/7! Also, these detectors are always on weather your security is armed or not. Most insurance companies

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Advances in IP Network based Security Cameras and Digital Video Recording technologies, and the need for both Public and Private protection is greater than ever! Security System purchases have expanded exponentially each year. New technology helps improve the Security Network’s performance and keep costs in check by allowing IP Camera installations in locations where no AC power outlets exist providing extreme clarity for identification purposes never achievable before. Our installations are super clean with no wire showing and installed to last in even the most harsh environments. No camera job

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24 Hours – 7 Days a Week – 365 Days a year

Our central station is located right here in southern California!  We have multiple highly trained operators working 24 hours daily including all holidays that are capable of handling any situation concerning your security system and safety.  Studies have shown that homes without a monitored security system are 3X more likely to be burglarized and business are 4X more likely to be burglarized.  Also 90% of police chiefs who were surveyed say that monitored security

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GSM & Internet Communicator

Communication has certainly evolved!

In the old days you had to have a phone line to call someone. So did your security or fire alarm system. That’s not the case today because just as you can use a the internet or a cell phone to message or call someone, your security system can do the same! This is done with our internet and GSM communication monitoring services which makes phone lines completely un-necessary for our systems to work. Now you don’t have to worry about someone cutting the phone line

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