24 Hours – 7 Days a Week – 365 Days a year

Our central station is located right here in southern California!  We have multiple highly trained operators working 24 hours daily including all holidays that are capable of handling any situation concerning your security system and safety.  Studies have shown that homes without a monitored security system are 3X more likely to be burglarized and business are 4X more likely to be burglarized.  Also 90% of police chiefs who were surveyed say that monitored security systems are a deterrent to criminals.  Insurance companies give discounts for monitored systems as well, but the most important reason to have your system monitored by us is that you gain the full function of how a system was designed.  There is so much information that the system can send to us that keeps your system functioning the way it was meant to.   Monitoring options are limitless these days with cool features like remote view, 2 way voice, and video verification.  We can even set up systems that auto back up the data, send you alerts to your email, cell, or even call you.  We can let you know when your business is opened by an employee, and your closing times through your monitored system.  We can even let you know when the kids get home!


Need guard services? We can do that too!

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