SecuraCom has been serving the greater LA and Ventura Counties for over 30 years with a strong security background and delivering outstanding smart home control, entertainment customer solutions and service. Partnering with some of the best brands in the new home market, SecuraCom’s attention to detail and in planning projects are enable them to deliver on time and to the delight of their customers.

Your Smart Home Standards

Since 1989 ELAN has delivered premium and personalized home entertainment, control and automation solutions to the world’s most prestigious homes. See inside to learn about the many ELAN benefits already included in your home and the enhanced smart home and entertainment options available.

Personalized Packages

Elevate your connected Smart Home experience

  • Peace of Mind

    Adds app-controlled smart door lock, smart opener for your garage and a surveillance camera in the garage.

    Now, when you talk to a visitor from your mobile phone you can choose to let them in or open the garage door for a delivery and watch them while they do it.

  • Safe & Sound

    Adds an integrated smart security system.

    Your connected security solution keeps you safe, and you can arm or disarm it remotely to let a visitor in. The home system can react to security events. For example, the fire alarm can shut off the HVAC to prevent smoke from spreading through the house, while key interior lights turn to help you exit the home. And your ELAN system will send
    you personal alerts of home events

  • Music Everywhere

    Adds whole-house audio with four stereo music zones (8 in-ceiling speakers) and amplification all controlled from your phone.

    Play your favorite streaming stations across 4 independently controlled stereo zones. Hear the door chime through speakers, even initiate an intercom page from your phone into a single room or the entire house while either home and away.

  • Media Room

    Adds a 5.1 surround system with in-ceiling speakers, subwoofer, AV Receiver and smart remote.

    Your ELAN system can deliver one-button control and high-performance audio to the TV experience, plus enhanced sound in the primary media space. Listen to the TV on all speakers throughout the home. And this elegant remote also controls lighting, security and climate.


Your new home’s lighting, climate and more is truly smart, integrated and accessible from anywhere at home or away from one simple-to-use app. Your home comes with the comfort, convenience and peace of mind only ELAN can bring.

With your ELAN Smart Home, always arrive to a well-lit home. Stay comfortable or save energy with easy to schedule and manage Thermostats. Someone at the door? Talk with them via the video doorbell – whether you are at home or away – from your smartphone. The doorbell will even turn on the light at night…

The Smart Home Standard already in your home includes:

  • ELAN Smart Home Controller – the brains of your home
  • Video Doorbell & Intercom – to see and talk to visitors from your smart
    phone – from home or away
  • Smart Thermostats – for comfort and energy savings
  • Intelligent Lighting – smart light switch/dimmers that can be controlled
    in real time, set to a schedule or triggered by other home events
  • One App to control it all – from your smartphone or tablet

The available options elevate your smart home experience even more. And with each added option, 1 + 1 will equal 3 as the optional systems work together for added value–with the Peace of mind package, lights can turn on when doors are opened or unlocked.