What’s Home Control?

URC Changes Everything.

Life is good when you can control everything in your home with one touch. Listen to your favorite music all over the house, watch movies, and dim lights — all from the comfort of your couch. With URC, you can control your entertainment such as TVs, cable boxes, Blu-ray players. If you desire instant access to today’s smart home devices including lights and security systems – we do that too. And, we do it all from one simple remote or mobile app.

Put Your Home in Your Hands.

With URC, choose what you need from three product lines. Our innovative products deliver newfound convenience, comfort and security and are designed by the control company that’s been satisfying customers for 25+ years. You’ll control entertainment, lights, climate and more. Consolidate all your electronics into one simple menu — on your remote or smart device. Then, enjoy access from your across the room or across the globe. URC puts your home in your hands.

URC IS for Every Family — and Every Budget.

If the smart home seems too complex or expensive, you should know that URC changes all of that. We’ve been the supplier of entertainment controls that start at a few hundred dollars. We also offer automation systems that let you start with a basic component controlling a TV or music with an app. This same system can grow into one-touch mastery of climate, lights and more — at an affordable price.