Communication has certainly evolved!

In the old days you had to have a phone line to call someone. So did your security or fire alarm system. That’s not the case today because just as you can use a the internet or a cell phone to message or call someone, your security system can do the same! This is done with our internet and GSM communication monitoring services which makes phone lines completely un-necessary for our systems to work. Now you don’t have to worry about someone cutting the phone line to defeat the system, because there isn’t one anymore!

Our device checks itself daily to ensure that it is working too, which is something most old residential phone line monitored systems don’t do. Also, by having our internet and GSM monitoring systems, you can take advantage of our Total Connect Remote Services which allow control of lights, locks, thermostats, as well as arming and disarming your system remotely. With internet and GSM communication, you can control and check a vacation home from across the USA as well as let someone in to do a repair if needed. You can also unlock the door if grandma brings your little one home but forgot the key, or if you’re stuck in traffic and can’t get there for a bit. You can remotely give access by unlocking the door and disarming your security system for them. Good stuff!

Also, you can have up to 99 systems too on one smart phone app, giving you limitless control of your systems.