Accessing your commercial location has never been easier and SecuraCom is here to bring the latest in commercial access systems right to your location. Our access solutions are built to give you complete control of the entire process of opening and locking your doors, turning on the lights and music, adjusting your environment and integrating with your businesses security system.

We provide solutions that come straight out of science fiction and make them a reality. No longer do you need a key to access your business, you can remotely lock and unlock your location for your staff with a fully encrypted mobile system – putting you in control of your business even from the other end of the world. Our systems even give you the ability to monitor your location 24/7 with live camera feeds directly to your device. Never feel disconnected from your company when you are on the road building your brand – SecuraCom is the leading commercial security and access system provider to the entire Southern California region, and we have been trusted by our clients for over 30 years.

Our experts are happy to answer any of your questions and do a complete walkthrough of your location to give you a custom-tailored solution. Give us a call today to see what amazing options we have for you and your commercial access needs.